September 18, 2006

Sampur is an area southwards Trincomalle the stratagic natural harbour. This harbour was vulnarable due to the artilary and mortar attacks fired by the LTTE cadres. LTTE closed an irrigation anicut at Maviaru and chased Muslim people from the area to consolidate their military power and created a humanitarian issue. On this issue President Mahinda Rajapakse had to launch retaliatory attacks as national security was endangered.

LTTE has withdrawn from the area and it is under Sri Lanka security forces control.

Kamal fro Sri Lanka(2006.09.19



September 17, 2006

The Sri Lanka ceasefire agreement signed by former priminister Ranil Wckramasinghe and rebel leader V. prabakaran in 2002 February has no force in practice. Ranil was not empowered to sign such an agreement as he was not the head of the state, government, and commander of the armed forces at the signing of the document. That ceasefire agreement was taken as joke by the LTTE and from its inception the LTTE targetted the intelligence officers culminating the assasination of the former Defence Minister Luxman Kadiragarmar.

When the incumbent president took office last year LTTE started killing the armed forces members through claymore bombs. They attempted the life of the army commander and killed the commander third in raw Mr Paramy Kulatunga. They killed Deputy Peace Secrtary Mr. Kethish Loganathan.

What is the language they understand?


September 13, 2006

I returned to Sri Lanka on the early hours of 11th, September 2006. The workshop at Taipei enriched my knowledge on digital communiction practices. I hope to exchange my views with my colleagues from now on.

Special thanks due to Manila based CALD team.Hope to send hot news from Sri Lanka and liberal views on issues.

Kamal(13.Sep. 2006)


September 8, 2006

I am Kamal Nissanka,a lawyer by proffession. I undertake work in the fields of civil,administrative and constitutional law.

I have a natural love for politics since my student days. I am a graduate of Political Science from the University of  Peradeniya. I joined hands with a group of liberal minded upper middle class intellectuals in 1987 to register the Liberal Party before the Election Commissioner.

I was the researcher for the party in 1987 and later became the edidor of the party news paper. our party contested the first ever provincial council elections in 1988 in the Western Province, The party won two seats in Gampaha district.

The party was against the involvement of the Indian forces but supported the provincial council system. During this period party organized number of  seminars on a proposed constitution.

“Ideas for Constitutional Reform” , a publication edited by late Dr Chanaka Amaratunaga was the outcome of those seminars.

Onn of Thailand

September 7, 2006

Onn is from Thailand and working for the FNS in Bangkok. She has been in Germany for about 13 years. She shares two cultures namly Thai and German. She read for her first degree in political science and completed the Masters at University of Berlin. 

She got married last November and now lives in Bangkok. Her attitude towards life is rather progressive and she considers her as a global citizen ,an idea recognized by liberals as against nationalists all over the world.

She further believes that every individual has the potential of developing himself and if the opportunities are available people can reach to great hights.

Regarding Thailand politics she is optimistic that politcal system would develope into modern one.   

She says that the Thailand Democratic Party needs time to get organized under the new leadership.


September 7, 2006

Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats,Friedrich Naumann Foundation and Democratic Progessive Party of Taiwan organized this work shop which made the way to open the bloggs. Participants are all from Asian reigon and now we can share our views among us.

 I am Kamal Nissanka from Sri Lanka and I have named my blog as “libsrilankapolitics”. The event will be a landmark in our  politcal journey because we have entered into the use of special digital tools for our communication strategies.

It is said that politics is always about communications.

This blog will serve the needs of those who want to know more about Sri lankan politics and liberalism.