The Sri Lanka ceasefire agreement signed by former priminister Ranil Wckramasinghe and rebel leader V. prabakaran in 2002 February has no force in practice. Ranil was not empowered to sign such an agreement as he was not the head of the state, government, and commander of the armed forces at the signing of the document. That ceasefire agreement was taken as joke by the LTTE and from its inception the LTTE targetted the intelligence officers culminating the assasination of the former Defence Minister Luxman Kadiragarmar.

When the incumbent president took office last year LTTE started killing the armed forces members through claymore bombs. They attempted the life of the army commander and killed the commander third in raw Mr Paramy Kulatunga. They killed Deputy Peace Secrtary Mr. Kethish Loganathan.

What is the language they understand?

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