Sadam and Prabakaran

December 31, 2006

The Liberal international condemned the US invasion of Iraq. Now deposed Iraqi leader was hanged on 30th December 2006 after a trial 0n charges against  huminity.

Cambodian dictator  Pol Pot who was responsible of 10 million killings was lucky enough to escape.

What will be the fate of the leader of Liberation Tigers of SriLanka  Velupillai Prabhakaran ?


Sole Representatives and Representatives

December 31, 2006

Liberation Tigers of Sri Lanka love to claim that they are the sole representatives of tamil people. Have they been appointed to positions by the Tamil people ? No. Do they contest any election to represent themselves?No.

One the other hand they have eliminated all the leaders of other Tamil Parties. Not only that they assasinated all the Tamil  leaders who stood for a political solution based on devolution, Luxman Kadiragarmar, Neelaan Tiruchelvam and Kethish Loganathan are a few examples.

Therefore an alternative Tamil Party cannot be survived without a armed group.  

End of 2006,Sri Lankan Peace n Jeopardy.

December 28, 2006

Sri Lanka enters 2007 with mix feelings. No doubt, Sri Lankan politics is shaped by the struggle the Liberation Tigers carry out. Peace or war is the prime political theme for the coming year. Number of international actors are now perform on the Sri Lankan  stage.

A close analysis of the Tiger movement discloses that the Liberaton Tigers have not moved an inch from their original stance of creation of a separate state.

Therefore for the moment it is duduced that a war for safeguard of the  geographical integrity of the island, a war for safeguard of the soverignity of the island is justifiable from the stand point of the Sri Lanka government and public in general. 

As at present following political lines could be identified in Sri Lanka.

a). Tamil separatists who advocate two countries in the island.

b).Sinhalese unitarists who advocate unitary constitution with administrative decentralization.(they are anti tiger)

c) Pro tiger Pro Devolution forces(They think that the matter could be settled with Tigers through negotiations.)

d). Pro devolution anti Tiger forces(They think that tigers should defeated but devolution is necessary)

It is interesting to see how these forces interact in the year 2007 though we oppose violence and bloodshed.


Anton, Tigers and Tamil Leaders

December 16, 2006

Anton Balasigham, the theoritrician of the Liberation Tiger of tamil Eelam passed away 14th December, 2006 at London.

His association with the leader of the movement during the last 30 years sharing day today experiences as admitted by the leader V.Prabakaran in his condolence message,pushes us towards some bitter meomories in the past.

Anton should bear responsibility to the assasinations of Mr.A.Amirthalingam (MP),Mr Yogeswaran(MP),Mr Sam Thambimuttu(MP)Dr Neelan Tiruchelvam(MP), Mr.Luxman Kadiragarmar(MP, Minister), Mr N.Raviraj(MP)Mr. Padmanabha,Mr. S.Sabarathnam,Mr Uma Mahewaran etc.

Therefore his political rise within the LTTE marks an antiintellectual criminal tendency.

Though he has begun as a socialist he finished as a facist giving idelogical help to eliminitate leaders of other Tamil political parties in Sri Lanka.

Liberals Condemn the Assasination Attempt on Defence Secretary

December 2, 2006

The Separatists Tamil Tigers on 1st November 2006, attempted to assasinate the defence secretary of Sri Lanka Mr Gotabaya Rajapakse.

Liberals condemn this attack vehimently. Liberals believe that while a solution based on a united country with federal features be acceptable. geographical integrity of the island should be protected at any cost.

Liberals believe that national security cannot be betryed for a bogus ceasefire agreemnt reached in 2002.

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