End of 2006,Sri Lankan Peace n Jeopardy.

Sri Lanka enters 2007 with mix feelings. No doubt, Sri Lankan politics is shaped by the struggle the Liberation Tigers carry out. Peace or war is the prime political theme for the coming year. Number of international actors are now perform on the Sri Lankan  stage.

A close analysis of the Tiger movement discloses that the Liberaton Tigers have not moved an inch from their original stance of creation of a separate state.

Therefore for the moment it is duduced that a war for safeguard of the  geographical integrity of the island, a war for safeguard of the soverignity of the island is justifiable from the stand point of the Sri Lanka government and public in general. 

As at present following political lines could be identified in Sri Lanka.

a). Tamil separatists who advocate two countries in the island.

b).Sinhalese unitarists who advocate unitary constitution with administrative decentralization.(they are anti tiger)

c) Pro tiger Pro Devolution forces(They think that the matter could be settled with Tigers through negotiations.)

d). Pro devolution anti Tiger forces(They think that tigers should defeated but devolution is necessary)

It is interesting to see how these forces interact in the year 2007 though we oppose violence and bloodshed.


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