A New Dimension in 4th Eelam War

March 27, 2007

On the dawn of 26th March,2007 the Liberation Tigers successfully dropped some bombs at the Main Air Force base in Katunayake, Colombo. The aim of the mission was to redue air capability of the sri Lankan Air Force.

The incident has sent shock waves to India and the military establishment in Sri Lanka.


United National Party in Turmoil

March 6, 2007

Major oppositition party in Sri Lanka, the united national party is in  great trouble after the defection of 18 front line memebers of parliament to the government. Many are assigned with ministries. President Mahinda Rajapkse is trying his best to work with many political parties. Hard line nationalist party JHU is also given a ministry.

Liberal Party holds Ex-CO Meeting

March 4, 2007

Liberal Party of Sri Lanka held a special national committee meeting on 3rd March 2007 to  evaluate the present political situation in Sri Lanka. The committee concerned about breakaway groups from both major parties.

Liberation Tigers hit at Diplomats.

March 1, 2007

Diplomats including the US and Italian ambassadors in Sri Lanka were hit by artilary fire when they landed  by a helicopter at the military air base on 28th of February 2007 in a misson to asses humanitarian conditions in the Battcalao region in the eastern Sri Lanka.

They were accompanied by a cabinet minister.

US and Italian ambassadors sustained minor injuries. Italian ambassador had undergone minor surgery in Colombo .