Is APRC in trouble?

August 24, 2007

The All Party Representative Committee which was appointed by the direction of the President of Sri Lanka Mr Mahinda Rajapakse was set to release its final report by a deadline dated August 15 of 2007.

The committee is headed by Prof Tissa Vitharana an veteran LSSP strong man.

The UNP and JVP withdrew from the committee recently.

The JHU has critcised the outcomes of the APRC.


First Action Committee Meets

August 22, 2007

The action committee that was appointed at the last national committee met on the 4th of August 2007 had its first meeting at Kurunegala.

Mr Kamal Nissanka, Dr Romesh Fernando, Mr V.Shanmuganathan, Mr A Stephen, Mr Anura Samarajeewa and Mr Sarath Kumarasinghe were present.

Kamal To Deliver a Public Lecture

August 15, 2007

Leader of the Liberal Party of Sri Lanka, Mr Kamal Nissanka will deliver a public lecture on “Political Solution:Which Way?” at Bishop Wickramasinghe Hall in Kurunegala on 4th September, 2007 at 3.00p.m.

Liberal Position on North-East Merger

August 13, 2007

Liberl position with regard to the plea of north east merger has been very consistant. Though liberals support a solution based on maximum devolutionĀ  liberals belive that the two provinces should be separated.

As far as the LTTE remains a one party dictatorial regime merger means an annexation.

The recent victories in the eastern front by the security forces demonstrated that not only Sinhalese and Muslims but Tamils in the eastern province were against the LTTE.

LP President donates a Digital Vedeo Camera

August 9, 2007

President of the Liberal Party Ms Swarna Amaratunga donated a vedeo camera to the party at the national committee meeting held on the 4th of August, 2007 at Colombo.

People of Amunawatta welcome Mr Kamal Nissanka

August 9, 2007

People of Amunawatta in the Kurunegala city welcomed Mr Kamal Nissanka ,the new leader of the Liberal Party by organising meeting at the welfare centre.

People who rallied assured that they will give any support in the future activities.

TheĀ  meeting was followed by a reception.

Liberal Party appoints Action Committee.

August 9, 2007

The Liberal Party in its national committee meeeting held on the 4th August 2007 appointed an action committee to activate the action plan which was adopted at the last congress held on 19th April, 2007.