Talks Fail

October 31, 2006

Talks between Government of Sri Lanka and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam failed amid the attempts made by the Norwegian facilitators. Tigers made condition that the A9 route be reopened at Muhamali where they attacked the government forces check point on September 11, 2006.

Ther is speculation that the two major parties getting ready to formulate an Indian type governing system but the LTTE is not for Indian model.

If the LTTE is not admitting a solution within a  united state the war will be continued.

Kamal Nissanka 



October 29, 2006

The international community often call to stop violence in Sri Lanka. Leader of the Tamil separatist movement V.Prabakaran had employed more than 250 suicide cadres for various assasination missions in the hope of creating a separate state within Sri Lanka.

I feel that if he is going to accept something lesser than a separate state  he has to swallow the cyanide capsule that he is holding around his neck.

Fourth Eelam war is Prabakaran’s war.Either he has to win this or swallow the cyanide capsule.Negotiation with tiger leader is an illusion.

Demerger of North and East Provinces of Sri Lanka

October 29, 2006

Recent supreme court judgement regarding the separation of the two provinces confirms the idea of rule of law and constitutionalism. It is now clear that late president Mr J.R.Jayawardene has violated the constitution of Sri Lanka under the pressure of Indian government in 1987 which led to the Indo-Sri lanka accord.

In political terms there is a demand from the Northern tamil politicians that the eastern province be merged with the north. The parliament has the power to that and not the late president who was the chief excutive of the state.

The Liberal Party of Sri Lanka from its inception in 1987 supported a solution to the grievances based on a federal system based on 9 provinces. However five regions merging some of the provinces would also  be appropriate as a unit for a future arrangment.

Kamal Nissnka   

October 15, 2006

Leader of the separatist movement of Sri Lanka doing everyhing for a creation of a separatist state. The international community may be seeking a true peaceful solution. But they are many occasions misdirected by the separatists. A united Sri Lanka with devolution of power upto a federal level will be good future model for Sri Lanka.