Liberal Party Elects a New Leader

May 27, 2007

The newly elected national committee of the Liberal Party of Sri Lanka elected Mr Kamal Nissanka ,Attorney-at-Law as its new leader on the 19th of May,2007 at Colombo.

The motion was proposed by former leader Prof.Rajiva Wijesinha and it was seconded by Ms Swarna Amaratunga its newly elected president.

Mr Kamal Nissanka is the 3rd leader in line of the Liberal Party in its twenty year history.


British Parliament echoes Sri Lanka

May 17, 2007

A debate was taken over through a private members moton in the British Parliament last week about the conflit in Sri Lanka.

Some Labour Party members raised views supporting the LTTE. It is suspected that Tamil Voters in some areas in britain had influenced these members.

Sri Lankan all over the world are not happy the way these MPs handled the matter.

SLFP forward its proposals

May 13, 2007

Major partner in the governing coalition headed by President Mr Mahinda Rajapkse Sri lanka Freedom Party has published its proposals as to solve the ongoing national issue in Sri Lanka.

It has reduced the unit of devolution to the district. However it has accepted the concept of devolution .

A solution should be errupted from the all party conference. Dr Tissa Witharana’s proposals are more exttensive.

Whatever proposals are made if the LTTE is not going to give up its separatist demand peace in Sri Lanka  will be a distance reality.

This fascist organization has eliminated all the leaders of the Tamil community. Somebody has to safeguard the democratic rights of Tamil people.

Liberal Party Elects New President

May 3, 2007

The Liberal Party elected Ms Swarna Amaratunga as its new president at the party congress held on 21st April 2007. Former president Prof Rajiva Wijesinha held the position of party president for twenty years.

Mr Kamal Nissanka was elected Secretary General of the party.